optigel s 482 thickener

Rheological additive for water-borne systems: LAPONITE-S 482

LAPONITE-S 482. Highly shear thinning layered silicate rheological additive for water-borne systems. Used in highly filled surface coatings and general applications. Synergistic benefits when used in combinations with polymer based co-thickeners. Forms low viscosity pre-mixes in water, which thicken on addition to...

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laponite - BYK Additives & Instruments

LAPONITE S482 and LAPONITE SL25. Toothpaste. Here, as in many other application areas it is the unique and novel rheological properties of LAPONITE which make it the thickener of choice in toothpaste. In addition to its use in conventional toothpastes, LAPONITE is highly recommended for speciality products such as:.

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BYK Additives Technical Data Sheets - MatWeb

... BYK Laponite® RDS Synthetic Layered Silicate · BYK Laponite® S Synthetic Layered Fluorosilicate · BYK Laponite® S482 Thickener · BYK Laponite® S485 Magnesium Aluminum Silicate · BYK Laponite® SL25 Thickener · BYK Laponite® XL21 Synthetic Layered Silicate · BYK Laponite® XLG Synthetic Layered Silicate...

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Cleaning & Care Solutions - Keyser & Mackay

OPTIGEL-WX as a rheology additive works well in all these acids and produces .... 10,0 %. 12,5 %. Benchmark. LAPONITE-S 482. Testmethode: Messung des elektrischen Widerstands,. Ohm (Ω). • Die Testmethode bezieht sich auf IEC 6134023: Prüf ver ... modified urea, can be used as the sole thickener and can also be...

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multicolor paints with improved stability and ... - ABRAFATI 2017

based on the principle of a Pickering emulsion (one which is stabilized by fine solid particles adsorbed onto the particles of the discrete ... As a water-based low. VOC paint with a high mineral content, MCP is also environmentally-friendly. ... Clay mineral platelets can thicken aqueous phases by gel formation (highly viscous...

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Find Byk for Adhesives & Sealants applications, search data sheets ...

Optigel® W724, Byk, Optigel® W724 is an organically modified smectite product, which specially has been developed as a thickening agent for aqueous systems. Optigel® W724 used in emulsion paints incorporates a marked thixotropic thickening effect and a yield value into the s...view more Optigel® W724 is an...

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Selection criteria of lacquer composition on wood surfaces from ...

case of coatings applied to wood, is very important to the ability to pe- netrate into the ... inorganic thickener montmorylonit „Opitgel CL” and „Optigel. WA”, mineral .... Glide 482. 0.20. 0.20. 0.20. Zonyl FS 610. 0.05. 0.30. 0.30. Airex 901 W. -. 0.05. 0.05. Table 2. Selected water-thinnable acrylic compositions. The composition.

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Tixogel / Claytone , Garamite , Optigel - тиксотропные добавки на ...

27 авг 2014 ... Input by. „View > Slide master“: Date. Page 9. Name. Company or Department. Title of the presentation. Optigel структура. 5% Optigel CK Прегель, заморожено и .... s). Shear Rate. Garamite 1958. Organoclay. Blank. Synthalat A 077 97,6. Thickener. 0,7. Byk R605. 0,2. Disperbyk 163 1,5 without hardener.

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